Explosive Acceleration Without the Fuel Cost- Gas Powered Scooters

Thursday, June 19, 2008

By Annie Durst

In a 2006 a Piaggio Group study (makers of Vespa Gas Powered Scooters) found that 30% of people polled agreed that they could drive a gas powered scooter 35% of their daily travels. In 2005 almost 57,000 gas powered scooters were sold with a large majority of women making the scooter their ideal form of transportation. With today's $4.00 a gallon plus gas prices and scooters getting close to 100 miles to the gallon or more, it is time to take a serious look at this option.

With innovation the key, these sleek gas powered machines are hitting the road in droves. Dori Suhr who use to drive a Harley Davidson in her younger days thought a gas powered scooter would be a disappointment to drive, but she was wrong. Her bike of choice is a Road Boss 25 one of the largest bikes made. With speeds reaching 70+ mph and outstanding gas mileage of 76 plus miles per gallon she can't see herself riding anything else. Her statement really summed up the issue, "I filled up my tank yesterday for less then $8.00. Living in a rural area on a fixed income, it just makes common sense."

The Road Boss 25 is one of the largest gas scooters, typically popular with men. From it's impressive acceleration to it's outstanding high tech design it is an awesome machine. But, what about the person who would like to ride a fuel efficient gas scooter, but doesn't feel comfortable on two wheels? Piaggio came out with a three wheeled vehicle that is a brilliant streak of innovation. This three-wheeled scooter is called the Piaggio MP3 250. With it's two independent tilted wheels, Piaggio has re-defined the word stability.

No two wheel scooter can match the MP3 250's road gripping stability level. This machine can take on the toughest of surfaces. Whether you find yourself on wet pavement, cobblestone streets or gravel roads. This gas sipping, three wheeled beauty with it's explosive acceleration is the perfect scooter for everyone. The key to it's stability is the two front tilted wheels. This feature also gives this bike terrific maneuverability.

With the making of this three wheeled scooter, the Piaggio MP3 250 has solved the problem for those who want great gas mileage and the fun of driving a scooter, but are uncomfortable riding on two wheels. For anyone interested, I have posted a picture of the MP3 250 on my small web site. Also, on this web site I have placed comparisons of some of today's most popular gas scooters as well as a photo of The Road Boss 25. I have also included ten photo's of Vintage Vespa's from years gone by, for you to compare and enjoy

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